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Most of us want an apathetic God who would never act or react to the things he saw in this world. We want his mercy and love, but we don’t want to consider his ability and rightful position to judge. CS Lewis said “Turn God’s wrath into mere enlightened disapproval, and you also turn his love into mere humanitarianism. The ‘consuming fire’ and the ‘perfect beauty’ both vanish.”

God’s wrath is directly linked with his love for us. His wrath drives us to the cross where we can find mercy and hope. Jesus took the punishment that was not his. He satisfied the wrath that was placed on us for our sins. It is one of the greatest love stories ever told, and we find it here in God’s wrath.


Sermon by Pastor Heather:
God’s anger is directed against anything that threatens what he loves. His wrath is inseparable from his love, his goodness, and his holiness, it activates grace for our good, and it is a reflection of his glory.

This attribute's track

Verse 1:
The greatest failure of mankind
Thirsting for a bitter wine
We traded your perfection
To join in the defection
Anthems of rebellion sung

Verse 2:
Our greedy hearts unsatisfied
Our loyalties to calloused pride
The harmony was fractured
Paradise became disaster
Marching toward our violent end

Pre Chorus:
He made a way, For our escape

If not for Christ we’d all be lost
For all our sins we’d know the pain of His great cost
He drank wrath’s cup, every last drop
So we could stand before the Father
As white as our Absolver
The day of rescue, come for us

Verse 3:
With an act of amnesty
We hear His voice - "Save them, take me."
A hanging execution
A ruthless resolution
Out of wrath true love has sprung

We are free because of You

© 2011 Weary Stranger Music
Words: Steph Modder | John Hasler
Music: Steph Modder