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Everything in the world is controlled and ordained by by God and his majesty. When we think of God's sovereignty we typically think of the things we can see and the things that we deem important, but God is sovereign over everything we can not see and the things so small that we often ignore their presence. “We may ignore, but we can nowhere evade the presence of God. The world is crowded with Him. He walks everywhere incognito.” - CS Lewis

God’s sovereignty over his creation is absolute. No matter our follies or our failures, we cannot overcome God’s plan and purpose for the world.


Sermon by Pastor Mark:
The kingdom of God is not a democracy. It's a monarchy. There is one Sovereign and we have one option: submission.

This attribute's track

In Your Sovereignty Chord Chart

Verse 1:
Who am I before you, you are the maker of the stars?
You can see right through me, you are the healer of my scars
When I feel abandoned, I know your eyes are on the sparrow
And You’re watching me, So I trust in You alone

Pre Chorus:
There’s nothing in this life too big or small
We are not forgotten, You see it all

You are heaven’s King, You REIGN over me
With authority, You say Let it be!
You are God alone
Seated on the throne
In your sovereignty

Verse 2:
You are the almighty, with just a word you spoke the earth to be
The heavens sing Your glory, you command the skies like symphonies
All creation bows down, in You we live and move and find our life
You’re an awesome Lord, You call the darkness into light

You are righteous, in all your ways, who is like You Lord?
Let your power, reign in this place, there’s no one like You Lord

Words and Music by: Kurtis Parks. Jason Yost.