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There are things about God that we simply cannot comprehend. He is too big, too vast, too complex for our minds to grasp the full extent of who he is. He has revealed himself to us in his creation, his word, and his Son, but we will only ever be able to grasp a fraction of his majesty, a piece of his glory, a part of his splendor. Our finite minds cannot possibly contain an infinite God. He always has been and always will be… a mystery.

Our discipleship team's intro to mystery.

Sermon by Pastor Mark:
Spiritual maturity doesn't lead to the resolution of mystery. It leads to reveling in mystery.

Steph Moder on writing the song "Mystery"

This attribute's track

Mystery Chord Chart

Verse 1:
A secret since the world began
Coloring the tales of men
Prophets dreamed of days to come
The Revelation of the One

Pre Chorus:
There’s so much more to understand
When eternal God meets finite man.

On this side of eternity
We may never wrap our minds around your mystery
But we will seek to know you more
A faith to grow and show you, Lord
Through Christ its You we see, oh the mystery

From the day you were in sight
Our curious minds You did ignite
Our search to know continues on
Until Your face we look upon

With You dirt can be the medicine
And love can be the best weapon
And peace can bring contentment in the storm

The Highest are the lowest
The one left out, Your chosen
and the blood of life flowed thru Christ’s beatless heart.

© 2011 Weary Stranger Music
Words: Steph Modder | John Hasler
Music: Steph Modder