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Soon after God created humankind we disobeyed his commands and thus separated ourselves from him, incurring a debt we could not repay, earning for ourselves a most grievous punishment.

However, God did not demand that we repay the debt but rather satisfied it himself. When Jesus, the Messiah, the Son of God, hung on a Roman cross, he bore the judgment that was due to the world. The power of the cross and it's demonstration of mercy lie not in ridding God of his justice or wrath. Those are very much alive and well. Rather, Jesus took upon himself our punishment and pain in the greatest act and love and mercy the world would ever know.


Sermon by Pastor Mark:
According to Jewish tradition, God sits on his Throne of Justice 3 hours a day and His Throne of Mercy 21 hours a day. And He prays to Himself: "May it be My will that My mercy would overcome My wrath."

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Show Your Mercy Chord Chart

Here I am once again
Bruised and broken, outstretched hands
I am empty now, humbled in Your sight
Father, hear my cry…

Show your mercy Lord, once again
Open heavens doors, shine your light down
Let Your love restore,
though I don’t deserve it
Your unfailing love is all I need
Noone else could ever rescue me but You

Show your mercy new

Verse 2:
I was owed a penalty
For all my deeds, found guilty
You stepped in and intervened
Pardoned my sin, now I’m free

Pour compassion over us
Let your goodness cover us

Words and Music by:
Steph Modder. Kurtis Parks