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Scripture tells us that "God is love," and we have reduced that powerful statement to mean “God is nice.” But to say "God is love" is not to say "God is nice" at all. To truly love is to want what is best, not what is convenient or what is easy but what is the highest good.

Notice that the statement isn’t “God is loving” but “God is love.” God is the very definition of love. This means that any loving action we take is a reflection of God himself and that it is through our love that we show the world God.

But God’s love isn’t just a dictionary definition or static ideal. God’s love was given expression in Christ’s torturous death on the cross, that served to bring reconciliation between God and creation. The cross was not easy, nice, comfortable, or convenient, but it was good. It was love.

Our discipleship team's intro to love.

Sermon by Pastor Heather:
God is inherently relational. Existing eternally as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, God lives in community with, in, and of Himself. All of his other attributes emerge from the reality that He is love, and the cross is the place where His perfect love was poured out completely so that we might live in Him.

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You Are Love Chord Chart

Verse 1:
I’ve heard it said a thousand times
God is love, a phrase beyond our human minds
Will we ever know your depths, and how great you are
As You make yourself known, three in one, a unified heart

You are love, perfectly defined
You are love, holy and divine
You are love, heaven on display
You are love, in every single way

Verse 2:
Your son, our Messiah, loved You so much
He laid down his life for us
He did all that You asked, traded kingly robes for earthly skin
And upon the cross, true love won, conquering sin

Verse 3:
Your spirit, lives in us, and gives us proof
That You reign, and Your word is perfect truth
Given by your Son, as a comfort and our guide
Holy Spirit burn, change our hearts from the inside

By our love they will know who you are and see your heart
Be lifted high, and glorified through our honor of one another

Words and Music by: Kurtis Parks
(additional lyric direction from H. Zempel, M. Stout)