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God is jealous for us: our affections; our attentions; our energies, thoughts, and emotions. When you begin to understand who God is—how long and high and wide and deep and good and majestic he is—you realize that God is worthy of all honor and all glory and all praise. You begin to recognize his incomparability, and you see that when Scripture teaches us that God is jealous, his jealousy is not unjust as our so often is. He demands complete devotion and total dedication because he is worthy, because he is the cause and reason for our being and so all we are and all we have we owe to him.

Our discipleship team's intro to jealousy.

Sermon by Pastor Mark:
God is jealous for you. All of you.

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Jealous God Chord Chart

Verse 1:
You gave us life through your command
To serve only you, the maker of man
You are a strong consuming fire
Jealous for us, with Holy desire

With all of our soul we worship you
With all of our strength, we will pursue
Only You deserve every part (of us)

We give you our hearts, and lay down our dreams
We long for You and not earthly things
You Oh God require every part (of us)

You are a jealous God

Verse 2:
We are the bride you’ve set apart
Called to be one with our Father’s heart
Too many times we’ve gone astray
But as one we sing, here on this day

Nothing deserves my attention more than You
Nothing deserves my affection more than You
You are the truth in a world full of lies
Only for You will my heart have eyes
Nothing deserves all of me, more than You

Words and Music by: Kurtis Parks