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To say that God is holy is to say that he is unlike anything else. When we call him holy we mean that He is wholly other, completely separate and different from creation, that he is self-existent and self-sustaining. When God calls himself Yahweh, I am, it’s as if he were saying “I always was; I am now; and I always will be.”

We use a lot of terms to describe God: mysterious, merciful, just, love, but holiness is what we use when we used all of those words up. John Piper says that when we come to the end of our language, that is when we say, “God is holy.”

When we say “God is holy” we’re really saying: God is God.

Will Johnston on holiness.

Sermon by Pastor Mark
We've lost the WOW of God because we've lost the WOE of God. No Woe = No Wow.

This weeks track

All Things Chord Chart

Verse 1:
There is none like you, for You stand alone
Hallowed is your name, Eternal is Your throne
For you reign forever

I set my hope on You,
your grace is where I rest
My desire’s to live in Your Holiness
As You are, so shall I be

Let the lives we lead, bow before Your name
Let the words we say,
speak Your truth and fame
Elevate our desires, quench us with Holy Fire
Come invade our hearts realign our aim to You, Holy You

Verse 3:
Lord, we stand in awe of your Otherness
Captivated here by Your holiness
and we’ve come undone before You

All wrong things made right
Darkness that’s made bright
All that is lovely
Words spoken humbly

All things that Speak truth
All things that are You
All things that breathe life
Fill soul heart and mind

Words & Music by
Kurtis Parks and Steph Modder