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"If we are unfaithful, he remains faithful, for he cannot deny who he is." (2 Timothy 2:13) God's faithfulness is perfect and absolute. Time and time again we fail, we fall short, and we don't follow through, and as such we can not even fathom God's faithfulness.

We make the false assumption that God has been unfaithful when our prayers go unanswered or things do not turn out our way, but, God remains faithful. He is faithful to himself and to us, to promises claimed and unknown. On this side of heaven we will never know how great and how vast his faithfulness has been.

Sermon by Joel Schmidgall
Our relationship with God is built on a foundation of faithfulness. When we fall short of understanding his faithfulness, we fall short of comprehending every other gift that comes as a result of that faithfulness.

This weeks track

Faithful One Chord Chart

Verse 1:
Time and time again we see your mighty hand
At work in and through our lives
Our hearts could turn away, but You will never change
Oh Lord, You never fail!

You are the Faithful ONE!

You pick me up when I’ve spiraled down
You’re my rock when I’m on sinking ground
I stray but still you run to me

Your promises have eternal weight
Your follow through is never late
Always, You were and You will be

You are the Faithful ONE!

Verse 2:
All throughout Your word, You show your promises
endure, steadfast until the end
You call us to believe, in things that we can’t see
You’re there whispering in the wind
You are the faithful one

As constant as the ocean’s tide (s)
As endless as a star filled sky
The one, Faithful One
Rising suns and setting moons
Take their stage because of you
The one, Faithful One

Word: Parks | Yost | Mason | Modder
Music: K. Parks