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The beauty of God is not found in his appearance but His essence, not in how he looks but who he is. When you begin to weave together the tapestry of God’s character—his justice and mercy, his love and wrath, his sovereignty and long- suffering—a picture emerges, deep and rich, full of vibrancy. It’s as if you could see the oils layered on a painter’s canvas, each a different hue but together composing a color immensely richer than any simple shade. Reflecting on God is like standing on the edge of a cliff, frightened and overwhelmed yet never more fully alive.

Our discipleship team's intro to beauty.

Sermon by Pastor Heather:
God’s beauty is displayed in the balance, tension, harmony, order, and design of all of his attributes. We were created to reflect God’s beauty by engaging in the creative process and cultivating the character of Christ within us and we were created to enjoy God’s beauty.

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Beauty Chord Chart

When I think about, how marvelous You are
I’m at a loss of words, in awe of Your design
An expression of Your love,
a reflection of Your face
From the birth of time, we were on Your mind
I’m amazed..

The colors of Your grace
Standing in my place,
the warmth of Your embrace. beautiful

The sound of heaven’s drum
The rhythm of Your love,
the fragrance of Your peace. beautiful

It’s Your Beauty Lord

You go beyond my senses,
past what I can imagine
Still my soul will sing, beautiful….

Words and Music:
Yost. Parks. Modder. Mason. Thompson